Syllabus 525

SURFACE PROPERTIES OF MATERIALS 635:525 Professor Garofalini Rm. A217;


Introduction to the properties of surfaces and interfaces formed in materials. Topics include surface thermodynamics, the structure of surfaces, kinetic processes occurring at surfaces, and experimental techniques for analyzing surfaces. Examples and applications will be included.

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1. Thermodynamics of surfaces and surface terminology

Blakely pgs 1-6

2. Surface tension vs. surface stress


3. Gibbs-Thomson relation, Young-Laplace equation

Blakely pgs 24-29

Kelvin Eq

4. Effect of orientation on surface energy and structure, Wulff plot, Herring equations


5. Experimental measurements of surface tension


6. Surface analysis techniques



7. Surface structure and composition


8. Multicomponent systems


9. Surface segregation


10. Atomistic processes at surfaces; Adsorption Diffusion


11.  Intergranular films (IGFs) in ceramics



Selected Reading from:

Introduction to the Properties of Crystal Surfaces, J. M. Blakely

Encyclopedia of Materials Characterization, C. R. Brundel, C. A. Evans, and S. Wilson

Surface Science: An Introduction, J. Hudson

Additional Reading on Specific Techniques or Topics

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